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Dating DraculaAdams, Kinsley2021Dating MonstersBuy Now
Loving DraculaAdams, Kinsley2021Dating MonstersBuy Now
Marrying DraculaAdams, Kinsley2021Dating MonstersBuy Now
Dracula UnboundAldiss, Brian1991Buy Now
I Am DraculaAndersson, C. Dean1993Buy Now
Sherlock Holmes and the Longacre VampireAndrews, Val2000Buy Now
Adult Version of Dracula, TheAnonymous  (Hal Kantor)1970OOP but try ABE
Secret Life of Laszlo, Count DraculaAnscombe, Roderick1994Buy Now
Murrmann: A Tale of Van HelsingArnzen, Michael2016Buy Now
Powers of DarknessAsmundsson, Valdimar (and Bram Stoker)2016Original Icelandic version 1901Buy Now
Dracula and the Virgins of the UndeadAubin, Etienne1974OOP but try ABE
Vlad Dracula : The Dragon PrinceAugustyn, Michael1995Buy Now
Lost : A Novel of Dark DiscoveriesAycliffe, Jonathan1996Buy Now
Shadows in Their BloodBabson, Marian1993Contains none of the characters, but involves the making of a Dracula film in WhitbyBuy Now
Ancestral HungersBaker, Scott1995Buy Now
RenfieldBarker, Lawrence2005OOP but try ABE
Dracula's ChildBarnes, J.S.2020Buy Now
Blood Will Have BloodBarnes, Linda1982Buy Now
Origin of Dracula, TheBelateche, Irving2015
Letters of Mina Harker, TheBellamy, Dodie1998Buy Now
Real : The Letters of Mina Harker and Sam D’AllesandroBellamy, Dodie and Sam D’allesandro1994OOP but try ABE
Lady RogueBennett, Jenn2019Buy Now
R E DBerggrun, Chase201827 Erasure poems using Dracula as the sourceBuy Direct From Publisher
Blood to Blood : The Dracula Story ContinuesBergstrom, Elaine2000Sequel to Mina by Marie KiralyBuy Now
iDrakulaBlack, Bekka2010Buy Now
Undying EmbraceBone, K.L2020Buy Now
Dracula - Prince of DarknessBurke, John1967Novelization, part  of the second Hammer Horror Film OmnibusOOP but try ABE
Blood RitesButcher, Jim2004Dresden Files
Grave PerilButcher, Jim2001Dresden Files
Skin GameButcher, Jim2014Dresden Files
White NightButcher, Jim2007Dresden Files
Mina’s ChildButler, Paul2020Buy Now
InsatiableCabot, Meg2010InsatiableBuy Now
OverbiteCabot, Meg2011InsatiableBuy Now
Midnight’s DaughterChance, Karen2008Dorina BasarabBuy Now
Dracula: The Modern PrometheusChandler, Rafael2015Buy Now
Blood BetrayalChatillon, Celine2012Kindred VampiresBuy Now
Seeing RedCooley, Dennis2003PoetryOOP but try ABE
IncarnationCornwall, Emma2012Buy Now
Original Vampire Diaries : Count  DraculaCount Dracula (Croot, Viv)2010Buy Now
Mystery in Dracula’s Castle, TheCrume, Vic1973OOP but try ABE
It Started in BudapestDaines, Julie2020Contains none of the characters but the novel itself is integralBuy Now
Dracula Murders, TheDaniels, Philip1983Buy Now
Sherlock Holmes and the Tangled SkeinDavie, David Stuart2006Buy Now
Vlada: A Dracula TaleDenmead, Christopher2021Illustrated by Ken Hunt
Crimson KissesDrake, Asa1981Pseudonym for C. Dean AnderssonOOP but try ABE
Dracula's DaughterDreadstone, Carl(credited as EK Leyton in 1980 reprint)1977Universal Horror LibraryPseudonym for Ramsey CampbellOOP but try ABE
Dracula Murders, TheDressler, Frank W.2002Buy Now
Dracula vs HitlerDuncan, Patrick Sheane2016Buy Now
Quincey Morris, VampireElrod, P.N.2001OOP but try ABE
Un-dead, The: The Dracula Novel Rewritten to Include Stoker’s Characters and EventsEmerson, Joel H.2008Buy Now
TerovolasErrdelac, Edward2012Buy Now
Dracula In LoveEssex, Karen2010Buy Now
Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula or The Adventure of the Sanguinary CountEstleman, Loren D.1978Buy Now
Deadly Curse, TheEvans, Tony2014Jonathan Harker MysteryBuy Now
Devil May CareEvans, Tony2013Jonathan Harker MysteryBuy Now
Legacy of EvilEvans, Tony2015Jonathan Harker MysteryBuy Now
CarpathiaForbeck, Matt2012Buy Now
Impaled Bride, TheFrater, Rhiannon2018Vampire Bride Dark  RebirthBuy Now
Lament of the Vampire Bride, TheFrater, Rhiannon2016Vampire Bride Dark  RebirthBuy Now
Tale of the Vampire Bride, TheFrater, Rhiannon2009Vampire Bride Dark  RebirthBuy Now
Vengeance of the Vampire Bride, TheFrater, Rhiannon2011Vampire Bride Dark  RebirthBuy Now
Count Dracula’s Canadian AffairFredrick, Otto1960OOP but try ABE
Bound by FlamesFrost, Jeaniene2015Night PrinceBuy Now
Into the FireFrost, Jeaniene2017Night PrinceBuy Now
Once BurnedFrost, Jeaniene2012Night PrinceBuy Now
Twice TemptedFrost, Jeaniene2013Night PrinceBuy Now
VladFuentes, Carlos2012Buy Now
Dracula's DiaryGeare, Michael and Michael Corby1982OOP but try ABE
Silver in the BloodGeorge, Jessica Day2016Buy Now
Dowry of Blood, AGibson, S.T.2021Buy Now
Carnelian Crow, TheGleason, Colleen2017Stoker & HolmesBuy Now
Chess Queen Enigma, TheGleason, Colleen2015Stoker & HolmesBuy Now
Clockwork Scarab, TheGleason, Colleen2013Stoker & HolmesBuy Now
Spiritglass Charade, TheGleason, Colleen2014Stoker & HolmesBuy Now
Zeppelin Deception, TheGleason, Colleen2019Stoker & HolmesBuy Now
Frankenstein Meets DraculaGlut, Donald E.1977OOP but try ABE
Beast of LondonGoffigan, L.D.2017Mina Murray Supernatural  MysteriesBuy Now
Fortress of BloodGoffigan, L.D.2017Mina Murray Supernatural  MysteriesBuy Now
Realm of NightGoffigan, L.D.2017Mina Murray Supernatural  MysteriesBuy Now
Monster TownGolden, Bruce2017Buy Now
European Travel for the Monstrous GentlewomanGoss, Theodora2018Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club, The
Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, TheGoss, Theodora2017Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club, The
Black Magic WomanGustainis, Justin2008Quincey Morris Supernatural InvestigationBuy Now
Evil WaysGustainis, Justin2009Quincey Morris Supernatural InvestigationBuy Now
Play With Fire/Midnight at the OasisGustainis, Justin2013Quincey Morris Supernatural InvestigationBuy Now
Strange MagicGustainis, Justin2015Quincey Morris Supernatural InvestigationBuy Now
Sympathy For The DevilGustainis, Justin2011Quincey Morris Supernatural InvestigationBuy Now
Scars of Dracula, TheHall, Angus1971NovelizationOOP but try ABE
Renfield, Slave of DraculaHambly, Barbara2007Buy Now
Deathless Girls, TheHargrave, Kiran Millwood2019Buy Now
Cambion Cycle, The (Year Two)Hartness, John G.2017Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Carl Perkins’ Cadillac (Year Five)Hartness, John G.2019Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Conspiracy TheoryHartness, John G.2020Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Damnation (Year Three)Hartness, John G.2017Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Inflection PointHartness, John G.2019Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Quincey Harker, Year OneHartness, John G.2017Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Salvation (Year Four)Hartness, John G.2019Quincey Harker, Demon HunterBuy Now
Dracula Caper, TheHawke, Simon1988Time WarsBuy Now
Evening at the Larches, AnHearson, Harry and J. C. Trewin.1951OOP but try ABE
Dracula, But the Count Runs Half MarathonsHeese, Dick Cody2021Buy Now
Battle Lines : Department 19 Book 3Hill, Will2013Department Nineteen
Darkest Night : Department 19  Book 5Hill, Will2015Department Nineteen
Department 19Hill, Will2011Department Nineteen
The Rising : Department 19  Book 2Hill, Will2012Department Nineteen
Zero Hour : Department 19 Book 4Hill, Will2015Department Nineteen
Land of the DeadHopstaken, Steven & Melissa Prusi2022Stoker's WildePre-Order
Stoker’s WildeHopstaken, Steven & Melissa Prusi2019Stoker’s WildeBuy Now
Stoker’s Wilde WestHopstaken, Steven & Melissa Prusi2020Stoker's WildeBuy Now
Vampire of New York, TheHunt, Lee2008Buy Now
Devil's Night, TheJacobs, David2001
Devil’s Brood, TheJacobs, David2000Buy Now
Dracula, My Love : The Secret Journals of Mina HarkerJames, Syrie2010Buy Now
Zoltan, Hound of DraculaJohnson, Ken1977AKA Hounds of Dracula, AKA Dracula’s DogOOP but try ABE
My Vladislaus DraculaJones, Teresa L.2010Buy Now
Children of the VampireKalogridis, Jeanne1996Diaries of the Family DraculBuy Now
Covenant with the VampireKalogridis, Jeanne1995Diaries of the Family DraculBuy Now
Lord of the VampiresKalogridis, Jeanne1997Diaries of the Family DraculBuy Now
Opium and AbsintheKang, Lydia2020Contains none of the characters but the novel itself is integralBuy Now
Love at First BiteKaufman, Robert1979Movie novelization/FotonovelOOP but try ABE
Dracula SucksKearney, Maxwell1981
Into the DarkKelleher, Victor1999OOP but try ABE
Beast of DraculaKennedy, John Patrick2018Princess Dracula
Mother of ChaosKennedy, John Patrick2017Princess Dracula
Not Everything DiesKennedy, John Patrick2017Princess Dracula
Princess DraculaKennedy, John Patrick2016Princess Dracula
Dark Wars : The Tale of Meiji DraculaKikuchi, Hideyuki2008
Dracul, an Eternal Love StoryKilpatrick, Nancy1998OOP but try ABE
Dracula BeganKimberly, Gail1976
MinaKiraly, Marie1994Pseudonym of Elaine BergstromBuy Now
Reluctant ImmortalsKiste, Gwendolyn2022Preorder
Dracula, The Darker PassionsKnight, Amarantha1995
DracutwigKnight, Mallory T.1969OOP but try ABE
Historian, TheKostova, Elizabeth2005
Journal of Professor Abraham Van HelsingKupfer, Allen C.2004
Brides of DraculaLake, Perry2014Legend of Dracula
Dracula ArisenLake, Perry2014Legend of Dracula
Vampire WarsLake, Perry2014Legend of Dracula
Dracula's DemeterLamoreux2012
Sherlock Holmes - A Betrayal in BloodLatham, Mark A.2017Buy Now
JamythonLaulainen, Kirsten2010Buy Now
DrakulyaLee, Earl1994
Brides of the ImpalerLee, Edward2008
Taste For Blood, ALewis, Yvonne Sarah2013
Challenge  to DraculaLory, Robert1975Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Dracula Returns!Lory, Robert1973Dracula Horror SeriesBuy Now
Dracula’s BrothersLory, Robert1973Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Dracula’s DiscipleLory, Robert1975Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Dracula’s GoldLory, Robert1973Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Dracula’s Lost WorldLory, Robert1974Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Drums of Dracula, TheLory, Robert1974Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Hand of Dracula!Lory, Robert1973Dracula Horror SeriesOOP Try ABE
Witching of Dracula, TheLory, Robert1974Dracula Horror SeriesOOP but try ABE
Book of Renfield, TheLucas, Tim2005
TrumpulaMandel, Greg2017Buy Now
Hunting Prince DraculaManiscalco, Kerri2017Stalking Jack The Ripper
FanglandMarks, John2007
Being Dracula's HeirMarlow, Faith2020Being Mrs. Dracula
Being Dracula’s WidowMarlow, Faith2014Being Mrs. Dracula
Being Mrs. DraculaMarlow, Faith2013Being Mrs. Dracula
Man From U.N.C.L.E. : The Vampire AffairMcDaniel, David1966TV Tie-inBuy Now
Talented Man, AMcKervey, Henrietta2020Buy Now
Nosferatu the VampireMonette, Paul1979Movie novelizationOOP but try ABE
Wroclaw Dracula, TheMurdoch, Mordecai1985
Anno DraculaNewman, Kim1992Anno DraculaBuy Now
Anno Dracula 1999  DaikaijuNewman, Kim2019Anno DraculaBuy Now
Bloody Red Baron, TheNewman, Kim1995Anno DraculaBuy Now
Dracula Cha Cha Cha (aka - Judgement of Tears:Anno Dracula 1959)Newman, Kim1998Anno DraculaBuy Now
Johnny AlucardNewman, Kim2013Anno DraculaBuy Now
One Thousand MonstersNewman, Kim2017Anno DraculaBuy Now
Sackville Street Caper, TheNolan, Alan2022
VrolockNolene-Patricia, Dougan2005
ShadowplayO’Connor, Joseph2020Bram writes Dracula during the course of the novelBuy Now
Sherlock Holmes and the Affair in TransylvaniaO’Hara, Gerry2011Buy Direct From Publisher
Dracula Papers Book 1 : The Scholar’s TaleOliver, Reggie2011Dracula Papers, The (incomplete)
Brides of DraculaOwen, Dean1960Novelization
Countess DraculaParry, Michael1971Novelization
Christmas Homecoming, APerry, Anne2011Buy Now
Dracula Who?Pitt, Ingrid2012
Stoker’s ManuscriptProuty, Royce2013
Neither Hyde Nor HairRain, J.R. and H.P. Mallory2020Lucy Westenra TrilogyBuy Now
Gallant Ghosts and Ghastly GentlemenRain, J.R. and H.P. Mallory2020Lucy Westenra TrilogyBuy Now
Beauty and the Barbarous BarberRain, J.R. and H.P. Mallory2022Lucy Westenra TrilogyBuy Now
Dead Travel Fast, TheRaybourn, Deanna2010
Dracula Dossier, TheReese, James2008
Blade TrinityRhodes, Natasha2001Movie novelization
Moon RisingRoberts, Ann Victori2000
Return of the WolfmanRovin, Jeff1998
Dracula Archives, TheRudorff, Raymond1971
Dracula’s GhostRutledge, Charles R.2020
Dracula’s RevengeRutledge, Charles R.2019
Van HelsingRyan, Kevin2004Movie novelizationBuy Now
Dracula UnredactedRyder-Hanrahan, Gareth, & Kenneth Hite & Bram Stoker2015
Coldness In The Blood, ASaberhagen, Fred2002Dracula SeriesBuy Now
DominionSaberhagen, Fred1982Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Dracula Tape, TheSaberhagen, Fred1975Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Holmes-Dracula File, TheSaberhagen, Fred1978Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Matter of Taste, ASaberhagen, Fred1990Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Old Friend  of  the Family, AnSaberhagen, Fred1979Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Question of Time, ASaberhagen, Fred1992Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Seance for a VampireSaberhagen, Fred1994Dracula SeriesBuy Now
Sharpness on the Neck, ASaberhagen, Fred1996Dracula SeriesBuy Now
ThornSaberhagen, Fred1980Dracula SeriesRevised 1990Buy Now
Bram Stoker’s Dracula - A Francis Ford Coppola Film(Novelization)Saberhagen, Fred, and James V Hart1992Movie novelizationOOP but try ABE
Blood of the ImpalerSackett, Jeffrey1989
Vampire Women, TheSamuels, Victor1973
Daughters of Shadow & Blood Book 1 : YasaminSaunders, J. Matthew2015Daughters of Shadow & Blood
Daughters of Shadow & Blood Book 2 : ElenaSaunders, J. Matthew2016Daughters of Shadow & Blood
Daughters of Shadow & Blood Book 3 : ElizabethSaunders, J. Matthew2017Daughters of Shadow & Blood
Count DraculaSavory, Gerald1977
Night of DraculaSchildt, Christopher2001
AlucardScott, Matthew2015
Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of DraculaSeitz, Stephen2006Buy Direct From Publisher
Dracula in IstanbulSeyfioglu, Ali Riza2017Original Turkish version 1928
Dreadful CompanyShaw, Vivian2018Dr. Greta Van Helsing
Grave ImportanceShaw, Vivian2019Dr. Greta Van Helsing
Strange PracticeShaw, Vivian2017Dr. Greta Van Helsing
Prince of TwilightShayne, Maggie2007
Pierced Heart, TheShepherd, Lynn2014Buy Now
Dracula in LoveShirley, John1979
Children of the NightSimmons, Dan1992
Demeter Diaries, TheSimon, Marge and Bryan D. Dietrich2019Buy Now
Blood RidersSpradlin, Michael P.2012
Dracula Poems : a Poetic Encounter With the Lord of VampiresSpriggs, Robin and Brent L Glenn1992
Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires, TheStableford, Brian1996
Dracula’s HeirStall, Sam2008
To Love a VampireStatzer, Robert2018VH prequel
DraculaStoker, Bram1897
Dracula's BedlamStoker, Dacre & Chris McAuley & 2021Buy Now
DraculStoker, Dacre & JD Barker2018
Dracula, The UndeadStoker, Dacre, & Ian Holt2009
Dracula’s DeathTamasfi, Laszlo2021Hungarian version published 1924 / translated 2021Buy Now
Dead Travel Fast, TheTate, Richard1972Contains none of the characters, but involves a film production of Dracula
Blood of Dracula, TheTeed, Jack Hamilton1971
Dracula Unborn(AKA Bloodright)Tremayne, Peter1977Dracula Lives
Dracula, My LoveTremayne, Peter1983Dracula Lives
Revenge of DraculaTremayne, Peter1978Dracula Lives
Diary of a Blood DonorUnt, Mati2008Buy Now
Demon Hunter’s HandbookVan Helsing, Abelard (illustrated by  Miles Teves)2006
Vampyre: The Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van HelsingVan Helsing, Cornelius and Gustav de Wolff (Mary-Jane Knight)2007
Harker’s JourneyWalters, N.J.2005Contains none of the characters but the novel itself is integralBuy Now
Adventure of the Incognito Countess, TheWard, Cynthia2017
Dracula the  UndeadWarrington, Freda2016
Reluctant Miss Van Helsing, TheWebber, Minda2013
DraculasWilson, F. Paul, with Blake Crouch, JA Konrath, and Jeff Strand2020Buy Now
Dracula : AsylumWitcover, Paul2005
Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Vampire MenaceWojtas, Olga2020Buy Now
Mr. Stoker & IWright, Becky2019Buy Now
Angry Angel, TheYarbro, Chelsea Quinn1998Sisters of the Night
Soul of an Angel, TheYarbro, Chelsea Quinn1999Sisters of the Night
Route of Ice and Salt, TheZárate, José Luis and David Bowles(translator)1998Spanish version published 1998/translated 2021Buy Now
Night in the Lonesome OctoberZelazny, Roger1993Buy Now