The Dracula Series

By Fred Saberhagen

The Dracula Tape (Book 1)

The Dracula Tape

The story of the Count’s greatest love, Mina Harker, and the bloodthirsty vampire hunters whose cruel pursuit drove the master of the night to actions ever more ruthless.

The Count Dracula sets the record straight …

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The Holmes-Dracula File (Book 2)

Holmes Dracula File

World-famous "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes faces a terrible crisis: a ring of criminal masterminds has threatened to loose thousands of plague-infected rats into the streets of London. But the Black Death isn't Holmes' only problem. A lone killer haunts the city. His calling card is a trail of corpses, drained of blood to the last drop.

The key to solving both crimes rests in the hands of a mysterious nobleman recently returned to London on a personal matter. His name is Dracula. The Count is quickly entangled in a web of evil that even his immortal powers may not be enough to breach. Holmes and Dracula soon come to the peculiar realization that they may be each other's only hope.

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An Old Friend of the Family (Book 3)

An Old Friend of the Family

The Southerland family left the old world to start anew in America, but little did they know that a blood-feud, older than history itself, would follow them through the generations to come.

Kate Southerland, the first born of the latest generation of Southerlands, has been murdered, but she is not dead. Her little brother, Johnny, has also vanished, a severed, bloody finger the only clue.

But the Southerlands have no clue what they've fallen into. Their enemy is no mortal madman, but the undying mistress of evil enchantment, Morgan Le Fay, and the Southerlands are not her true target. She seeks to do battle with their protector, their defender, the only man who is capable of saving this mortal family from a war they've never realized was waged.

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Thorn (Book 4)

Thorn Fred Saberhagen

Five hundred years ago their paths first crossed. He possessed her totally, not quite against her will. Until she fled. And was captured. And was punished. And fled. And is fleeing still…

Dracula tells the story of his life and his great love before he became undead. The portrait of his beloved from those precious living days is in the hands of villains. The Prince must pursue and possess this link with his breathing life. The Southerlands, particularly Judy, are ready to assist an old friend of the family.

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Dominion (Book 5)

Dominion Fred Saberhagen

The powers of Evil are alive and well in modern-day America. Vlad Tepes, Prince of old Wallachia in life and Master of the Undead beyond the grave, has roamed modern America without fear--until now. Suddenly, he is no longer the only immortal being in Chicago.

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A Matter of Taste (Book 6)

A Matter of Taste

Ex-cop Joe Keogh is called in by his brother-in-law, John Southerland, when the visit of Matthew Maule, an "old friend" of the Southerlands, leads to a series of bizarre events, and Keogh soon discovers that the visitor is none other than Dracula himself

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A Question of Time (Book 7)

A Question of Time

Private detective Joe Keogh is hired to find the great niece of Edgar Tyrell, an eccentric sculptor, who also happens to be nosferatu, and the detective must call on Dr. Strangeways to battle an undead menace from beyond time.

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Seance For a Vampire (Book 8)

Seance For A Vampire

Vladimir Kulakov returns from his hanging with a sore neck and an axe to grind, and when Sherlock Holmes vanishes, Dr. Watson suspects a connection and summons Holmes's cousin, the vampire Prince Dracula, to help.

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A Sharpness in the Neck (Book 9)

Sharpness in the Neck

In 1792, Phillip Radcliffe becomes caught up in the Terror of the French Revolution and unwittingly saves the life of Prince Vlad Dracula, the most honorable of the Nosferatu, bringing down the eternal vengeance of the Prince's evil brother on himself and his descendants.

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A Coldness in the Blood (Book 10)

A Coldness in the Blood

Matthew Maule has seen many horrific things in his five hundred years as one of the most powerful vampires in the world. But even his formidable talents cannot predict the unthinkable acts about to occur within his own home.

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From The Tree of Time (Short Story)

Saberhagen Vampire Tales Sorcerers Apprentice issue 14

Dracula teams up with Sherlock Holmes in an attempt to save a woman's honor

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Box Number Fifty (Short Story)

Vampire Tales Dracula in London

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